Amazon Can't Do That for Hispanics

Amazon has changed the face of commerce with its one-click shopping capability. Its ability to find the needle in the haystack, while up-selling at every opportunity, makes Amazon seem an invincible force. But a recent study involving over 1700 shoppers reveals that the web giant is not the impossible rival it once seemed.

Amazon Can’t Do That for Hispanics is an in-depth study on the key to reaching this demographic based on focus group discussions, and quantitative research that uncovered the key to side-stepping Amazon.

Our research revealed opportunities Amazon is missing for the Hispanic shopper, in particular what they are looking for in their shopping experience (and why that matters). It also covers what your in-store personnel can bring to the table to make your store a destination preferred over the point-and-click alternative.

If you want to know what to do to reach the lion’s share of shoppers you are not going to want to miss the powerful insights that Amazon Can’t Do That for Hispanics offers.

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