Leah Cotterman

"Anything done without passion isn't worth doing."


To understand where Leah's passion for inspiring people comes from, we must go back to her days as a collegiate foreign language lecturer. Leah developed a presentation style that ensured students in the back row of the classroom were engaged. And you better believe she brought that style to the business world.

Leah brings a passionate perspective on the future of retail by translating research and insights into actionable strategies that always have the consumer in mind.

As Senior Director of Strategy & Insights at WD Partners, Leah has an active role in guiding and shaping the customer experience across a variety of client projects, including brands like Mondelez, Huntington, CVS, Bob Evans, Fazoli's, Anheuser Busch, Pfizer, Cava and Save-A-Lot.

Leah uses her wide-ranging corporate retail experience – from marketing analytics, market research and consumer insights to sales forecasting, strategic planning and international growth – as a library of ever-growing knowledge to help solve complex problems for clients.

Her passion for what's next makes her an advocate for thought leadership as she's tuned into the pulse of industry and consumer trends. She's spoken at several leading industry conferences like IRDC and Shopper Brain Conference as well as local conferences, including the Market Research Exchange over the past several years.

Leah dreams big and she delivers. #ToTheMoon

Contact Leah to present

If you'd like Leah to present WD's view on consumer trends, strategy & insights and the customer experience, please contact her at leah.cotterman@wdpartners.com.