A leading consumer goods dairy company wanted to grow sales through increased brand awareness and consideration by developing an innovative in-store shopping experience for Greek yogurt.

With all major and store brands now offering a Greek yogurt option they wanted to differentiate the brand from the others offered at the shelf. WD was able to reinvent the shelf display to help the brand stand out to customers by better organizing the category and making the shopping experience easy and educational.

Dairy Concept
Dairy Concept
Dairy Concept


  • Conducted qualitative virtual concept testing to support display design and organization.
  • Design elements to draw customers into the display, and provide key focal elements to differentiate the yogurt product offerings.
  • Bring emotion to the retail experience through design (language, imagery, color).
  • Completed concept prototyping for the brand.
  • Streamlined installation and deployment of store test costing and planning.
  • Worked with client and national retailers on customer sell-in to get concept to market.