Experience More with Frigidaire

Frigidaire has been a trusted American brand for over 90 years and was looking to elevate their perception in market and connect with consumers through engaging experiences that would boost sales and strengthen retailer partnerships. By establishing a holistic shopper journey as part of a 360° integrated marketing approach, WD Partners was able to reposition the Frigidaire Gallery brand and build awareness while increasing consumer engagement.

In-store events and experiential marketing helped shoppers engage with the brand, generated new excitement and captured content for future use. WD has ideated and executed pop-up displays, sweepstakes, digital touch points, and promotions that influence retail traffic. On a larger scale, the “Smudge Proof Tour” initiative was a memorable outdoor road show that demonstrated the benefits of Frigidaire Gallery’s Smudge-Proof Stainless Steel.

"The work created by WD has helped to significantly advance and extend the Electrolux and Frigidaire brands in retail. Their integrated approach to 360 retail communications has greatly helped to drive sales, loyalty and advocacy for our brands."
John Weinstock, SVP, Marketing, Frigidaire Gallery Brand



  • Employed the use of the Retail Theatre, WD’s in-house virtual testing lab, and used IDAT (Iterative Design and Testing), extensively to test concepts and capture consumer insights that were used to create and refine new communications throughout the shoppers’ path-to-purchase.
  • Developed retail campaigns that showcased Frigidaire Gallery as a time-saving innovator.
  • Designed on- and off-product point-of-purchase materials to visually influence consumers’ brand choices.
  • Created a more holistic approach to retail through the integration of additional touch points along the shopper path-to-purchase, including work with digital assets and other agency partners.
  • Aligned the campaign with new product launches, and execution of interactive retail “experiential marketing” events.
  • Leveraged video of consumer interactions with the appliances at events for use on the brand website, retailer websites and social media channels.