InterContinental Hotels Group (IHG) has spent the last decade working to bring the best hotel experience to guests across the globe. They have over 4,700 hotels in 100 countries around the world and have more guest rooms than any other hotel company.

IHG partnered with WD to assess and provide suggestions on where improvements could be made to their food and beverage services, as well as elevate their promise of delivering a local and unique hotel experience.

Hotel Indigo
InterContinental Hotels Group


  • Performed audits of back-of house and front-of house operations at several different hotel locations as part of the initial assessment, which included:
    • Interviews with key staff and management
    • Observations and documentation of kitchen operations
    • Tracking speed of service during peak times
  • Summarized our analysis and root causes of IHG operations, and developed recommendations for opportunities to improve their foodservice in the near- and long-term.
  • Currently collaborating with IHG on an execution plan to implement recommendation across their fleet of hotels to help them exceed customer expectations.