Media Markt is Europe’s largest retailer of consumer electronics, with over 750 stores in 14 countries across the globe. For more than 35 years Media Markt has put the power in the consumer’s hand allowing them to decide for themselves what electronic devices are right for them. They knew they needed to update their in-store experience for today’s consumer, so they asked WD to develop strategic opportunities to capitalize on stores as well as provide omni-channel touchpoints.

Media Markt
Media Markt
Media Markt
Media Markt
Media Markt


Some of the opportunities WD was able to identify to create an updated and integrated store experience include:

  • Give the brand a stronger presence within the store.
  • Reduce visible SKUs to create a showroom environment.
  • Improve Buy Online Pickup In Store capability + visibility.
  • Simplify graphics and create a communication hierarchy.
  • Integrate technologies as shared experience tools.
  • Increase time spent in store by creating comfort areas.
  • Elevate hospitality for guests.