Office Depot’s loyal customers were being drawn away by online retailers and other category leaders. They needed to find ways to elevate the presence of their electronics section, encourage browsing, and win back sales.

"It was important for Office Depot to engage familiar customers and appeal to younger shoppers — but not make it a flagship experience that couldn’t be scaled up. It needed to be practical enough to roll out to all stores."
John Bajorek, SVP, Brand, Strategy & Design, WD Partners

Office Depot
Office Depot
Office Depot
Office Depot


  • A fashion like “runway” concept created an experience that focuses on new and hot devices, so consumers associate Office Depot with “what’s next.”
  • New merchandising strategies tailored the number of SKUs and relegated lower-profile, bread-and-butter products to the periphery.
  • Planagram details, including new and hot zones, and strategic adjacencies, provided very specific guidance for store implementation.
  • SKU rationalization helped simplify the shopping experience.
  • Detailed digital recommendations drew on WD’s deep understanding of Millennials, online shopping trends, mobile usage, and other related factors.