Martyn R. Redgrave, Executive Vice President, refers to Victoria’s Secret Beauty and Accessories (VSBA) as “the concept that can travel well and leads the Victoria’s Secret brand into other parts of the world.” Not only has VSBA allowed Limited Brands to introduce the Victoria’s Secret brand internationally, but perhaps even more importantly, it has allowed them to gain experience with expansion through partnerships and franchising. WD Partners was selected to rapidly rollout new locations in Russia and the Middle East.


540 projects completed globally

Victoria's Secret
Victoria's Secret
Victoria's Secret
Victoria's Secret
Victoria's Secret
Victoria's Secret Beauty and Accessories


  • 40+ stores completed domestically & internationally.
  • Assisted in designing fifteen of the stores that have opened in Russia, Turkey, Saudi Arabia and Kuwait.
  • Design development documents were prepared in both metric and imperial systems to accommodate a variety of local construction methods.
  • WD collaborated with Limited Brands’ local fixturing and implementation companies to safeguard design intent and quality throughout construction.
  • Sales projections are being exceeded and VSBA is expanding throughout Asia, Europe, the Middle East, Turkey, and South America.