An Obsession with Understanding

Research is understanding a brand and its competition, culture, marketplace context, and customers. What’s often missed is the strategic application of opportunities across the design and execution process. When it’s done right, it takes experience design from good to extraordinary.

Our obsession with understanding and creating a meaningful customer experience is rooted in learning and understanding before doing. It’s the first two Ds in our 4D process—discovery and definition—that inform design and delivery. Our Strategy & Insights experts stay closely involved in every stage of an engagement.

Partnering to Create Impact

Our strategic thinkers immerse themselves in your business to understand your business goals and identify ways to elevate your brand. We listen, ask the right questions and apply our expertise to identify ways to grow your brand and your profitability.

Feedback in Real Time

The opinions of your audience matter to the success of your brand. Iterative Design and Testing (IDAT) is our proprietary approach to obtaining and instantly implementing customer feedback. Our retail theater allows us to bring environments to life digitally and immerse consumers in your brand experience. What traditionally could take months (working with focus groups, gauging consumer reactions, and altering/retesting concepts) now takes just a few days.

Services Include:

  • Industry & Market Strategy
  • Shopper Research & Insights
  • Shopper Personas
  • Business Strategy
  • Retail Portfolio Strategy
  • Localization Strategy
  • Merchandising Strategy

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