Experience It Before You Build It

The inviting curb appeal of the exterior, the harmonious balance of signage and layout, the welcoming floor plan that drives customers to visit and return… Imagine walking into the renderings for the next generation of your store, and being able to explore a three-dimensional version before ever breaking ground.

WD’s Visualization Services allow you to do just that — experience before you build, tour the space at any point in the design process, experiment, and revise. From exploring within early plans to ensuring everything is just right during the construction phase, this is an invitation to virtually inhabit your environment to create an experience exactly as you imagined.

Innovation at Every Stage

Marrying 3D modeling and animation, game engine development and video production with architectural design, Visualization Services bring plans to life in rich, realistic detail. But this is far more than just a stunning way to view sketches and documentation–consider it your customer’s experience, gamified. Visualization Services illustrate, enhance and optimize every stage of concept and construction, leading to innovative solutions and meaningful collaboration.

Virtual Value Engineering

Discover a variety of solutions within reach, budget and deadline. Thanks to in-house 3D artists, motion graphics designers, video producers and interactive developers, Visualization Services is an affordable, accessible, and adaptable way to experience design. It’s a remarkably effective, dynamic strategy to prototype, improve, and validate throughout the process.

Services Include:

  • VR/AR/MR Experiences
  • Stylistic Renderings
  • Color Elevations
  • 3D Animations
  • Motion Graphics
  • Interactive Applications
  • Immersive Trade Show Exhibits

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