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Healthcare Innovation is Retail 101

Personalization, convenience, access, ease — customers want these qualities from any brand. Even from the doctor’s office or pharmacy. Increasingly, customers want healthcare to provide an experience much more like retail, one that that recognizes them as savvy consumers who have choices and power. They’re more concerned (and informed) about their own wellness, and are seeking new options. We see a tremendous opportunity.

Nearly 60% of recent and new healthcare facility construction occurs in the outpatient space

Healthcare providers need to think like retailers. And retailers need to engage customers through a wellness lens.

In the last year, more than 30% of consumers had visited a retail clinic

It’s all about growth

  • Nearly 60% of recent and new healthcare facility construction occurs in the outpatient space.
  • There are now more than 3,000 clinics in drug stores, supermarkets, and big box mass merchandisers
  • More and more, customers are seeking healthcare solutions in retail spaces. Just three years ago, 15% of consumers had visited a retail clinic; in the past year, this figure has more than doubled.

How We Do It

The diagnosis? Change. Retail locations and practices demand a retail mindset. And we know retail better than anyone. We see the power it can bring to companies in the health and wellness space. It’s about more than planograms and merchandising; we use our expertise in customer behavior, experience design, branding, and operations to execute new strategies that customers simply expect.

The physical location is only one element of a holistic journey for the consumer that integrates technology tools and people into a seamless and efficient process. Any growing chain knows it’s also about designing and building for scale, not viewing each site as a unique, one-off execution. That means creating standards and kit-of-parts programs that can provide a consistent experience for the consumer.

Why You Should Care

As the healthcare industry becomes progressively retail-centric, there’s also been significant growth in the wellness market (over 10% within the last several years). And it’s only going to continue. Your customers are progressively passionate about living well. For established retail brands, this presents opportunities to create destinations in stores that speak to healthier living and solutions to common health concerns. For CPG companies, it means creating stronger destinations in stores that anticipate these needs and desires.

The time to act is now as many growth and expansion minded providers are preparing plans to create and scale new models of healthcare, that look, feel and act like the leading retailers consumers love.

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