There is no one “Restaurant of the Future”. Changing customer expectations and the blurring of industry lines demand a new recipe for success. The restaurant of the future will use a retail portfolio strategy to serve up solutions, feed hearts and minds, and craft for craveability. A strategic, scalable array of offerings will allow brands to meet customer needs in a way that’s operationally efficient.

The definition of restaurant used to be straightforward. Well, all apologies to Merriam-Webster, but it’s not that simple anymore.

60% of US consumers order delivery or takeout once a week

Yet at the same time…

76% of people under 25 said they like to hang out with their friends at a restaurant

What is a Restaurant Now?

  • It's an online order pickup center
  • It's an experience platform
  • It's a delivery hub
  • It's a Wifi hangout
  • It's a manufacturing facility

The Future is Here

Instead of a quick fix, we recommend a 21st century foodservice operation, which allows for sustainable growth.

Our experience platform and food dispensary strategy take into account the new definitions of the restaurant and the new expectations of the restaurant customer.

As the name implies, an experience platform is designed around a unique dining experience that consumers are seeking when they are in the mood for dining away from home. This rendering depicts a potential experience platform.

The food dispensary is a brand-owned fulfillment hub designed to produce takeout/delivery meals for the surrounding area. It’s not shared with 73 other brands, it’s not part of a dark warehouse with no windows. It’s a kitchen that’s operated efficiently and exclusively for food that is consumed off-premise. Our rendering shows what a brand-controlled food dispensary looks like.

Developing consumer-driven restaurant experiences is a key part of our success for the past 50 years. We’ve partnered with global brands to create seamless order fulfillment and memorable in-restaurant experiences.

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