Best of Showroom Stores

Be the Inspiration Customers Want

How do you reach customers (read: virtually all of them) who are increasingly drawn to shopping and interacting with businesses online? Enter the Showroom Store.

58% of consumers viewed showrooms as the single most influential innovation to potentially drive purchase today

Showroom stores provide space where desire supersedes necessity, where customers identify with brands and find products aspirational. Not merely a marketing strategy, the concept of the showroom can bring businesses added vigor, relevance, influence, and most importantly – foot falls. The showroom is the future of retail.

60% of digital natives rank showroom stores as influential on purchase behavior

Leading the Way

We’ve extensively researched this concept among consumers and businesses. In two recent studies of more than 3,000 consumers, showroom stores were viewed as the single most influential innovation to potentially drive purchases today. Showroom stores aren’t just the merchandising strategy of the future – they’re the stores of the future.

How We Do It

Showroom allows a brand (any brand) to be presented in a marketplace without the severe investments of the past: build out, inventory, labor, and lengthy leases. Showroom stores grant retailers the permission to fail fast and act with agility, vs slower, higher-risk, full-store experiments of yesteryear. Through live testing in a pop-up format, we explore the showroom’s dynamic potential — in a low-risk, low-investment manner. As Les Wexner said, "There is no research better than the cash register." We wholeheartedly agree. Get there fast, learn, iterate and learn some more.

Why You Should Care

To thrive in this complex new future, showroom stores can vitalize your customer experience.

Showroom Stores can:

  • Serve as a new space to reach customers, without costly construction, inventory, labor, and leases.
  • Drive purchase intent.
  • Allow you to reach new demographics while retaining existing customers.
  • Help you experiment and evolve without being hindered by the significant investments of the past.
  • Serve as part of BOPIS and act as pick up or return stations.
  • Both benefit and be strengthened by your online identity, when designed strategically and thoughtfully.

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