John Bajorek

"Innovate or Die. Today's retail environment requires brands to have the courage to innovate, test and learn as well as the fortitude to fail forward."


With over 20 years of collective experience as a client, consultant and facilitator, John Bajorek (full bio) has a genuine desire to drive brand experiences further. He brings a refined and proven approach to engagements that take into consideration the reality of today's business dynamics while challenging the executive management team to look outside the boardroom, business and sometimes category to find opportunity and cultivate innovation. Working with retailers and consumer brands across mass, grocery, consumer electronics, financial services and home improvement, John has lead executives to drive customer experience forward across consumer brand touchpoints.

John has been published in Design: Retail, Chainstore Age, Retail Leader, Progressive Grocer and is a regular contributor to WayfinD. He has also been a featured speaker on several occasions at GlobalShop and the Design: Retail Forum, as well as Implement Consulting's "Winning Consumers in the Third Wave of Retail" in Copenhagen and Oslo.

John directs a multidisciplinary team who create retail solutions for domestic and international client brands. His thorough understanding of shopper experience begins with insights and strategy, and continues through branding and a holistic approach to 360 marketing, retail environments, business & channel strategy and the spectrum of digital touch points.

He has extensive experience directing business and marketing strategies for consumer goods, retail, technology, and financial services companies such as Adidas, Samsung, Gatorade, Frito-Lay, Electrolux, Best Buy, The North Face, The Home Depot, Kroger, HP, and Wendy's. His background includes both client and agency experience. Before joining WD Partners, John was President of Pontis Group. In addition, he has held management positions at Moxie, IBM iX and JP Morgan Chase.

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If you'd like John to present findings from a WD syndicated study, or engage with your executive management team, please contact him at john.bajorek@wdpartners.com 

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