11 Come 11: A Wayfind History of Google Trends

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All bets are on and we are feeling lucky… 11 come 11! This isn’t beginner’s luck, because we have officially published 50 Wayfind issues! That’s 250 articles, 50 full issues, and 11 years of content from the best thinkers. We thought it would be fun to take a look back at relevant trends over the span of our time publishing Wayfind content thus far. So, we illustrated Google search requests over time of key buzzwords for your viewing pleasure, ranging from July 2010 to now. Check them out:

  1. Electric vehicles: It's boomtime!

    Electric Vehicles Google Trends
  2. BOPIS: Shoutout to COVID-19 for bringing convenience around.

    BOPIS Google Trends
  3. Store closures: Let's keep that one in the past…

    Store Closures Google Trends
  4. Telehealth: What do you mean people still talk on the phone?

    Telehealth Google Trends
  5. Work from home: You either love it or hate it.

    Work From Home Google Trends
  6. Youtube: whoduhthunkit?

    YouTube Google Trends
  7. Starbucks: up, up, up… ad infinitum.

    Starbucks Google Trends
  8. The Home Depot: Rolling in the DIY dough.

    The Home Depot Google Trends
  9. Shake Shack near me: I'll take a Shack Stack and some crinkle cuts.

    Shake Shack Google Trends
  10. UX Design: Much to learn you still have, my old padawan. This is just the beginning.

    The Home Depot Google Trends
  11. Retail: It's a slippery slope.

    The Home Depot Google Trends

Well, there you have it, 11 trends over 11 years! Surprised by what you saw? Keep up to date with more Wayfind issues to come as we dive in to the topics above, plus many more intriguing and relevant discussions. Yo-leven!

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