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The One-Click Store of the Future and The DNA of the Digital Native Audience (DNA)

Why the Reinvention of Checkout Is the Future of the Store for the DNA

Retailers may not want to admit it, but shoppers are done waiting—stores can’t wait any longer to reinvent checkout. It’s time to deliver the convenience of one-click buying online inside the store. Disruptive checkout technologies allow stores to finally deliver the personalized, instant gratification experience consumers want.

The traditional store checkout model, has been largely unchanged for over a century, and is an anachronism, destined for the dustbin of retail design history. WD’s proprietary research shows retail designers how these fundamental changes upend traditional store formats, and can revolutionize the retail experience. Space devoted for decades to the endless, mind-numbing design conformity of minimally-manned register lines is finally being freed to create more emotionally satisfying experiences for shoppers.

This report has more than that, it has additional content detailing how the DNA is a population like no other before it, who thinks digitally, shops digitally and lives digitally.

WD shares exclusive results from a national consumer study of more than 1,500 shoppers. Results also include insights gleaned from qualitative, in-depth focus groups. Learn what consumers (especially the DNA) prefer most among 12 different checkout scenarios, from traditional (tedious) options to the newest checkout concepts. The reinvention of checkout is a main component of the store in the future.

Watch the presentation on the DNA of the DNA – as seen at NRF 2017 and featured on Retail Dive

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