The Mission Was Clear: Break the Mold

Anchor Hocking is one of America's most enduring brands, but in recent years they’ve faced the challenge of upholding their longstanding reputation as competition for shelf space increased. The product quality speaks for itself, but they needed to build a more robust brand presence and messaging hierarchy to generate awareness around the quality and breadth of products. They turned to WD to revitalize the number one representation of their brand – packaging.

Anchor Hocking Gets a New Look

In cooking and baking circles, Anchor Hocking is a ubiquitous American brand with an established reputation and is every bit as good (if not better) as the other brands competing for shelf space. Unfortunately, their reputation was of a respected, but not always a relevant, top-of-mind brand at the point of purchase.

In the highly visual environment of the retail aisle, a book is totally judged by its cover. A new package design can make all the difference between being ignored and being placed in the cart. Our goal for the new package design was two-fold: convey contemporary relevance and quality congruence while elevating Anchor Hocking to a premium and desired brand.

Food for Thought

We broke away from the standard practice of showcasing the glass and only the glass by introducing fresh foods to the packaging. We did this for three reasons: definition, aspiration, and category differentiation.

The ingredients are strategically chosen and placed on the package to elevate the brand and make it feel and look more organic and premium. In addition to the premium brand positioning, the ingredients also help categorize and organize product lines within Anchor Hocking. For example, a specific line of glassware would feature the same color hue of ingredients (i.e. oranges and carrots) to help differentiate product lines at shelf.

Homemade Quality

Before rolling out the new packaging to retailers, we conducted consumer testing to get to the heart of what catches someone’s eye in aisle as well as what they want to read and what impacts their purchase decision. Results indicated that American-made is a big selling point. To highlight Anchor Hocking's century-plus American heritage—and defining difference among the competition—we crafted an American flag graphic paired with the phrase "American Made Glass Since 1905".

Anchor Hocking

The Difference is Clear

Next came the challenge to visually organize and categorize hundreds of SKUs spanning three quality levels and design aesthetics. Utilizing color and metallic inks, we developed a simple graphic language to identify and highlight Anchor’s Basic, Preferred, and Premium lines. We created a packaging guidelines book to guide the team in translating the new packaging design across 600+ SKUs. Our insight-driven packaging has started to appear on shelves across several retailers with more slated by the end of the year.

Anchor Hocking