Staying True to the Original Consumer

Having grown well beyond its core users (athletes) and given its higher than average price points, Gatorade began losing market share in the overly fragmented sports drinks and isotonics category. PepsiCo engaged WD Partners to help refocus Gatorade on its athlete constituency. The lynchpin for the brand’s revival would be the launch of the G Series and G Series Pro lines.

In-store Marketing Institute
Design of the Times Platinum Award

OMA Silver Award



  • Provided concept design through production files for the global introduction of Gatorade’s G Series Pro products.
  • Created a destination for production innovation – reinventing the way customers interact within the center store.
  • WD developed Planograms to maximize product packout and secure incremental space.
  • Coordinated multiple vendors and manufactures to provide a complete kit of parts.
  • 10,000+ store launch into large and small format retail.
  • Sales are 30% above forecast.