Elevating the Brand Through a Streamlined Storefront

Hollister is an American-lifestyle brand that is part of the Abercrombie portfolio. The concept focuses on a Southern California-inspired image, casual clothing and accessories. The first store opened in July 2000 with a unique store front design that resembled vintage beach shacks. The distinct entrance was meant to make the store stand out in the sea of other shops in the mall.

In 2014, Hollister performed a successful test with a new streamlined storefront. They decided to remodel an additional 60 of their locations throughout the US and Canada with this new design which eliminated the beach shack porch entrance. The storefront elevated its presence with a modern, sleek entryway and a large screen at the opening to the store. With an aggressive schedule Hollister needed a trusted partner to remodel the stores and stick to their tight timeline. WD was tasked with taking the new concept and implementing it across the 60 stores.



  • Developed and executed on the design intent for the new look of the store front.
  • Created a detailed plan for completing the redesign of the stores through various phases, including the initial phase which included updating over 20 stores within a 3 week deadline.
  • Employed WD’s integrated services using one main contact, which lead to fewer handoffs, and resulted in less issues and better communications between the team and client.
  • Took the lead on gaining landlord approval, and filing and obtaining necessary permits.