Working Behind the Scenes to Launch the New Jamba

Sometimes, less is more. That’s the case for our client formally known as Jamba Juice. If you haven’t heard, it’s simply Jamba now, because the brand is so much more than just juice.

Jamba came to WD during the early stages of their development of the new brand and menu. With more than 800 locations, they wanted us to take the opportunity to assess their operations and make sure everything was running efficiently, especially related to the new food and drink offerings.

Jamba Juice

Trust the Process

Our team performed an operations assessment to observe various operational models within the Jamba system. The detailed analysis included a lot of intense work behind the scenes to ensure those new smoothies, bowls and bites got to customers quickly and deliciously:

  • Time study of the production process to identify ways to improve speed of service and reduce bottlenecks in the process.
  • Time study of the guest experience to understand how long it takes customers to move through the queue and the order process.
  • Equipment utilization assessment to put a stress test on the current operations system and evaluate maximum capacities.
  • Employee utilization assessment to review labor usage in the current operation to help with the new menu considerations.
Jamba Juice

Improve the Experience

When releasing a new brand and a new menu, that represents quite an opportunity to delight existing customers and new customers who are coming to Jamba for the first time. Our analysis provided ways for Jamba to reduce production time, improve speed of service, right-size equipment, determine seating types and space usage, and optimize labor deployment.

New name, new menu, new and improved guest experience. Now that’s a win-win-win!

Jamba Juice Jamba Juice