Bringing Good Food to the Table, One Lucky’s Market at a Time

Chefs Trish and Bo Sharon were tired of having to shop at so many different places to find all of the ingredients they craved. They disliked how some grocery stores didn’t feel welcoming to all and wondered why high-quality food was always accompanied by a high-dollar price tag. So, they decided that it was time for a change and created Lucky’s Market.

At the start of our partnership, Lucky’s turned to WD Partners to continue their vision of bringing organic, natural and healthy food to people in even more cities and locations. WD has provided architecture and engineering services to several of Lucky’s new locations, doing our part to deliver the spaces that offer those quality products.

Lucky's Market

Showing our A&E Flexibility

WD’s architecture and engineering team has partnered with Lucky’s store planning team to help create 18 stores (and counting) across Lucky’s chain. Those stores include both new builds and retrofits. Our team has shown its flexibility and versatility in converting an old Sears space into a beautiful Lucky’s location as well as converting an old Food Lion building into a Lucky’s.

Lucky's Market

Building Lucky’s Across the Map

One of our favorite stores that we partnered with Lucky’s to complete is the free-standing spot near the lake in a historical neighborhood in Cleveland. It can be a challenge to bring a new store to an area with a lot of history and tradition, but the bright, brick building is a welcome addition to Clifton Boulevard.

From Montana to Florida, we’re proud to help bring Lucky’s Market and its wonderful assortment of quality foods to the people. It goes without saying, but we’re going to say it anyway: we’re lucky to have Lucky’s as such a great grocery client.

Lucky's Market