Putting the 'Experience' in Experience Center

Panduit is the global leader in power and connectivity throughout transportation, healthcare, education, energy and more. WD created a client journey and designed the Panduit Experience Center with interactive elements that showcase Panduit's innovative solutions for their B2B customer. Creating a strong connection between Panduit's brand values and client-centric benefits, we empowered Panduit with the narrative and experiential tools to grow their client and partner relationships.


Where Do We Grow from Here?

Innovating new ways to grow business for such a well-established industry leader required strategic insight into client needs. We discovered most clients only had awareness around one aspect of Panduit's business, leaving entire service fields as an opportunity for growth.

Our goal was to amplify storytelling, from high-level brand vision to product-specific benefits.


To do this, we divided the journey into 3 chronological sections of the experience center:

  • HALLWAY: Introduction to Panduit's rich history, rooted research & development with 940+ product patents
  • THEATER: Video showcasing Panduit's capabilities and a few key success stories in prominent industries
  • EXHIBIT: Hands-on interactive showcase of solutions and products with a central collaboration area
Panduit Panduit

Immersed in the Brand, Literally

The theater allows Panduit to share their larger-than-life stories in an impressive yet focused setting. WD designed and produced a video experience that creates high-impact panoramic moments and visual storytelling to showcase Panduit's case studies.


Cutting-Edge Technology

Because Panduit is a known innovator in the technology industry, we knew it was important to integrate streamlined technology into the customer journey. The WD Visualization Services team created an innovation center at the conclusion of the journey called Solution City, a.k.a. "city of the future" with a touchscreen experience that brings to life the impact of Panduit on the world around us.