Table for 1,500 at Noon? We Can Accommodate

What do you do when you’re building a large auto manufacturing plant in a rural area and you need to feed more than 1,500 people every day?

We’re a bit biased, but the correct answer is to call WD.

Volvo reached out to us with this exact foodservice challenge for its new plant near Charleston, South Carolina. The opportunity was unique, considering this would be Volvo’s first American factory, but one that our operations strategy & design team met head on.


Dialing Up a Big Dining Challenge

Volvo tasked WD with development of a plan that would meet a foodservice capacity of more than 1,500 employees in a 40-minute period. Because the plant is so big, it takes some employees 10 minutes just to get to the dining area, heightening the importance of an efficient operation once they arrive for mealtime.


Serving Up Flexible Ops Solutions

To summarize WD’s solutions, our ops team designed queuing models to validate anticipated peak volumes and space requirements, flexible equipment and operating systems to support seasonal and rotational menus and robust grab-and-go food selection to fortify off-hour demands.

This approach led to a high-performing, efficient design, ensuring all of Volvo’s employees are well fed, which can only help Volvo deliver in its auto-making capacity.

For all of your ops needs, who you gonna call?

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