A Brand Refresh, Starting with the Experience

As an already-established brand, we wanted to stay true to First Financial’s roots while making them more relevant in the banking industry today. Through competitive audits, brand strategy and creating a new brand expression, we developed First Financial’s next step on their path to success.

First Financial

A New Look for a New Day

Our brand update began with a banking center refresh and a “streamline and simplify” approach. We brought energetic, friendly, conversational, community-driven focals into the space to reflect the brand’s “neighborhood bank” personality. We refined the color palette, created a new brand architecture, photography style, tone of voice, campaign approach and more. We also created a system of powerful and ownable brand elements for use in both 2D and 3D designs to give the brand a cohesive yet iconic appeal.

First Financial First Financial

Activating the New Brand Expression

Bringing the new brand expression to life through consumer products, we redesigned First Financial’s debit cards. The look showcases a unique, recognizable design system that creates a cohesive product line while activating the brand architecture.

Documenting the new strategy and expression, we developed Brand Guidelines and presented them to all creatives that touch the First Financial brand. This unique opportunity allowed us to spread our enthusiasm for the new brand aesthetic and answer questions about activating the new strategy and design.

First Financial

"I have truly enjoyed working with WD and the team. We made a significant impact on the brand, and I feel very proud when I see it in all forms. Thank you for doing such a fantastic job."
– Director of Marketing, First Financial Bank