Creating a Well-Oiled Machine

Businesses shouldn’t just function, they should flourish. But what drives a brand to thrive? It’s the harmonious confluence and consideration of three factors: brand identity, customer experience and the oft-neglected operational brains behind it all. WD designs service models that draw from and enhance each facet of the client and the consumer.

It’s not just for restaurants or retail, these services benefit all industries including c-store, specialty retail, grocery, hospitality, and more.

Right People, Right Place, Right Time

Revolutionary design solutions rely on a successful operational model. Operations Strategy & Design is about far more than just reducing labor. It’s about considering operations through each step of the design and build process.

Our goal is to develop operational standards that maximize labor productivity and product flow, along with minimizing facility footprint and service time, while supporting the consumer experience. In other words, we deliver a process that is potent, profitable, and perfect for changing customer experience needs today – and tomorrow.

Services Include:

  • Food Service Design & Engineering
  • Operations Assessment
  • Labor Assessment
  • Prototype Engineering
  • Labor Standard Development
  • Menu Rationalization

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