Big Box Should Sell Resale Goods in Stores

By now, most retailers are aware of the potential benefits of selling used or recycled merchandise. Customers want it, inflation wants it, the environment wants it, and PR especially wants it. Many sources have predicted resale to be a multi-billion-dollar business to the tune of $350 billion globally and $70 billion in the US in two years. All sunshine upside, right?

But wait, there’s a catch. Resale isn’t profitable. At least not the way most brands are doing it now.

In this POV, you will learn about the lucrative potential of in-store resale for Big Box stores, highlighting its profitability compared to online platforms and the opportunity it presents to capitalize on customer demand for sustainable shopping experiences. Learn from our proprietary study of over 1,200 consumers and discover how embracing in-store resale can revolutionize your retail strategy, driving foot traffic, increasing revenue, and fostering a more eco-friendly brand image by downloading the full POV using the form below.

Big Box Should Sell Resale Goods in Stores Point of View from WD Partners

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