Co-Founder and Creative Director at Bonfire Red, Joey Zornes: Tell Me a Digital Story

Businesses are just now realizing the importance of digital, but consumers have known this for a longtime. What was once an afterthought or bolt-on solution for brands, has become the place that people go to first when beginning their buying journey. Even when they don’t know that they actually want to buy something. Our guest this week built his company on knowing that a brand makes their first impression online. Joey Zornes, Co-Founder and Creative Director at Bonfire Red, sits down with Lee Peterson to talk all things digital. From staying up on trends, to the beauty of digital storytelling, and the role of digital in the physical space, Joey shares why his company was built on a digital first mentality.

1:39 – Joey’s background & the birth of Bonfire Red
4:22 – digital design vs. good ol’ fashion design
5:57 – bringing digital to the physical space
7:24 – everything now is digital first
10:20 – the way forward for stores
13:50 – competing against the big guys
16:38 – live stream shopping
20:05 – the good and evil of social
20:56 – the personal side of Joey

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Joey Zornes

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