Kenny Endermuhle, Manager of Shopper Innovation and Experience (SI&E) at Nestlé Purina

The Fur-ocious Future of the Shopper

QR codes and NFC tags, DTC products in CPG, VR and AR… there are plentiful acronyms to navigate when it comes to talk of modern technology in the consumer experience. Lucky for us Shopper Innovation and Experience expert, Kenny Endermuhle, helps us break these terms down and gets us excited about what the future of the pet shopper’s experience holds. Lee and Kenny’s enthusiasm around the amount of innovation that is happening now between the consumer and retailers is contagious. By leveraging VR, retailers can develop a unique and stimulating in-store experience for any shopper through personalization, immersion, and streamlining the customer journey. Nestlé Purina is one of many companies that are exemplifying this right on their store shelves!

2:05 – From Sports to CPG
5:27 – A Day in the Life of Kenny
7:59 – Testing & Learning With VR
10:09 – A Note to the VR Doubters
12:02 – Building a Virtual Environment
14:09 – QR Codes vs. NFC Tags
17:13 – Direct to Consumer Goods
22:57 – Relationship With Physical Stores
27:33 – The Consumer Drives Innovation
28:33 – What Brand Is Doing It Right?
32:00 – Immersive Experience at the Shelf
33:33 – Lee’s Lightning Round

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