Zack Oates, Founder and CEO at Ovation: A Frictionless Feedback Survey

Let’s give a standing ovation for… Ovation! 😉 All puns aside, Zack Oates and his start-up company have made great strides in the realm of restaurants and the guest experience through their development of a simple and frictionless 2 question survey. Ovation allows restaurants to easily resolve guest concerns in real-time, get more 5-star reviews, and discover insights to improve & drive revenue, making it the #1 guest feedback company in the United States. Zack’s passion for restaurants and love for meeting people have helped craft his success story. Zack being a podcast host himself lends itself to an entertaining and banter-filled episode alongside Lee. Together, they cover the origin story of Ovation, consumer research on guest feedback, a book Zack wrote on dating, and much more. You can explore more on Ovation by visiting: https://ovationup.com/

1:24 – Meet Zack
3:42 – The 2 Question Survey
6:38 – Simple & Frictionless
10:54 – A Humble Brag
13:57 – The Importance of Feeling Important
17:38 – Dating Never Works Until It Does
20:11 – Restaurants & Delivery
24:50 – Restored Faith in Humanity
27:40 – Lee’s Lightning Round

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