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Defining the 21st Century Store

Over the past five years, the retail industry has been turbulent, to say the least. Brands have been rocked by forces all around them–shifts in shopper behaviors, generational preferences, local nuance and economic pressures. We all know that ecommerce is not putting companies out of business, it’s simply changing the way customers connect to brands. Brands who are winning today have focused investments on mapping brand experience strategies to both the needs of the customer and to the overall health of the brand.

Let’s cut to the chase—the old prototype store model is obsolete. It is too inflexible and tone deaf to serve the needs of today’s sophisticated customer. This dated approach, of one ideal-state design that’s sized to small, medium or large, leaves retailers stranded with anomaly stores.

A new strategic approach to concept, design and execution has emerged. At WD Partners, we call it a Retail Portfolio Strategy. It is a flexible set of modules to help retail brands create a strategically designed system of integrated parts and operations, to achieve synergy and scale, with both customers and their brand in mind.

At WD Partners, we are solving for the future of retail by breaking the mold of the past and reassembling the clicks & bricks into a structured yet scalable model for brand resilience and growth. If you’re stuck somewhere in the middle and looking for a partner to help you and your organization get unstuck, call us, we’d be happy to help.

We've talked to more than 25,000 consumers and published over a dozen white papers on the future of retail and customer experience. Want to know what it means for your brand? Call us at 888.335.0014 or email us at TalkWithUs@wdpartners.com.

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