Lee Peterson

Lee Peterson

"If you don’t think Amazon is a problem for your business, you are wrong, you are living under a rock. It’s time to come out. The very concept of online shopping has become synonymous with Amazon."

With more than 35 years of collective experience as a retailer, strategist, and leader in brand development, Lee (full bio) brings an innovative approach to strategic assessment and brand development. Particularly in tune with cultural trends, consumer demographics, and buying behavior across multiple industries, Lee offers a well-rounded and informed approach to brand development and designing customer-focused retail and restaurant prototypes.

Lee has presented the findings from multiple WD research studies including: "The Good, the Bad and the Ugly", "Omni-Channel is BS", "The One-Click Store of the Future and The DNA of the Digital Native Audience (DNA)", "To Be or Not To Be", "Alibaba Saves the Store", "Amazon Can't Do That" & "The Next Killer App: Stores" at major industry events including: NRF, IRDC, Retail Spaces, Specs, X-SPECS, SPECS, New Retail Day, ShopTalk, AAPEX, CACDS/NPAC, Business Arena Stockholm, GlobalShop, EuroShop, JDS Solutions, SCALA, in addition to numerous private client sessions for: The Home Depot, Electrolux, Ann Taylor, P&G, Walmart, Rack Room Shoes, and Staples.

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Lee Speaking at NRF ’17

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