Bringing Students to the Center of the Dining Experience

We partnered with Aramark and one of their Premier Higher Education accounts: Georgetown University. The goal of this end-to-end project was to deliver a premium brand and elevate experiences across campus.

We used operations engineering to design each concept to feel as if it stands alone from the customer’s perspective
We developed a brand identity, like Whisk, for each stand-alone concept.
Each stand-alone concept was designed with the millennial in mind and to ensure it fit into the overall food hall experience.
We brought each stand-alone concept to life on the second floor, food hall experience.

Buffets are Out, Experience Is In

Our goal in Leo O’Donovan Hall was to replace an outdated all-you-can-eat service model. Now, students can spend more time enjoying the unique, cultivated environments and dining experiences.

In partnership with Aramark, we transformed the two-story buffet-style dining format into two separate experiences. Upstairs we revamped the all-you-care-to-eat model to feature Aramark’s upscale proprietary Fresh Food Company while the entry level was reinvented into a food hall.

Georgetown University/Aramark

Distinct Food Concepts, One Well-Oiled Machine

Changing part of the dining service model to a food hall meant extensive changes to the way it operated. Unlike a food court in the mall, this food hall is operated entirely by Aramark. We used operations engineering to design each concept to feel as if it stands alone from the customer’s perspective.

To do this, we also consolidated dry and cold storage and prep and ware washing areas were strategically located for operational efficiency. The foodservice equipment within each concept was designed with change in mind. As times and tastes change, we wanted to give the ability to provide options and flexibility of menus at each location.

Environmental and brand communications designers worked to create further distinction between the concepts by creating individual brand identities through graphics, signage, packaging, materials and fixtures.

Georgetown University/Aramark

The Way to a Student’s Heart is Through Their Stomach

We brought this conceptual design to life in an expedited time frame so all of the foodservice spaces would be ready for incoming students at the start of the school year.

The campus community is amazed by the transformation. They love the renovations and how modern and updated the dining spaces feel. Through collaboration among WD, Aramark and Georgetown, we were able to deliver higher quality food, more variety and ultimately an elevated dining experience.

Georgetown University/Aramark