Turning on the Hot Light in the City That Never Sleeps

When your client is opening a one-of-a-kind Times Square Flagship and comes to you to develop the operational model, it’s a big deal. When that client is Krispy Kreme and they’re asking you to help them serve thousands of their iconic Original Glazed® doughnuts every day, we’re always up for the challenge.

Krispy Kreme

A Flagship-Sized Sweet Tooth

Coming in 2020, the Krispy Kreme Times Square Flagship will be open 24/7, fitting for its prime location in one of the most heavily trafficked spots on the planet. The Times Square Flagship will serve more guests annually than any other Krispy Kreme location in the world with 6 times more doughnuts than the average location.

Krispy Kreme

High Demand for Hot & Fresh Doughnuts

Working closely with Krispy Kreme team, through capacity analysis, we determined that two production lines were needed to meet the anticipated volumes and keep the Hot Light lit as often as possible. Knowing this may be the first impression many Times Square visitors may have with the Krispy Kreme brand, our team assessed the situation and developed the operations model that would meet demand and give those visitors the most awesome doughnut experience imaginable.

It’s always a unique opportunity when we are working on operations for a flagship environment. To help Krispy Kreme deliver dozens and dozens of doughnuts in the heart of NYC makes it even sweeter.

Krispy Kreme