Serving 31 Flavors and Memorable Moments at Baskin-Robbins’ Next Gen Store

Rolled ice cream. Exotic flavors. Local ingredients. Instagrammable varieties! A lot has changed in the ice cream world since Baskin-Robbins started in 1945. Trends have come and gone in 75 years, but Baskin-Robbins has been a constant in consumers’ lives. The brand has several things going for it that the trendy ice cream shops do not. Treasured memories. High quality ingredients. A different flavor for each day of the month!

When Baskin-Robbins came to us with the task of creating their next generation store, we undoubtedly knew the brand is famous for its 31 flavors, but we also wanted to know what role they play in consumers’ lives.


Recognizing the Chance to Upgrade the Experience

We quickly learned it is a trusted brand, known as a place where great memories are made. Consumers love to celebrate special occasions at Baskin-Robbins, yet they found it lacking in a few areas. They aren’t having as much fun as they should be… in an ice cream shop! Plus, outside of those special occasions, they’re not coming back to visit often.

Our strategy and design teams worked together to translate these insights into opportunities to strengthen the brand, its in-store experience and elevate key moments in the store.


Building a New Foundation for Fun and Memories

Understanding that consumers are looking for a more fun store experience, we designed a next generation store, also known as the “Moments” store design, that sparks joy and delivers an easy to understand menu, inviting seating, including an outside area with a garage door and window and a locally-inspired mural adorning a bright space on the wall. With plans for a nationwide roll-out in 2019, it’s safe to say Baskin-Robbins will be making memories for a whole new generation of ice cream fans.

"The unveiling of our next generation store is a key milestone in Baskin-Robbins’ nearly 75-year history and we’re so excited to give our guests a new and modernized experience when they visit Baskin-Robbins."
– Carol Austin, Vice President of Marketing for Baskin-Robbins

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