Mark Bateman

Mark Bateman

SVP, Business Development

With over 20 years of business development and consulting experience, Mark works with WD’s clients across their businesses to uncover market opportunities, develop strategy and execute ideas. He collaborates with the team to identify the customer’s business gaps, and then focuses on how to deliver solutions that improve operations, user experience and brand loyalty.

He brings a wealth of knowledge to his clients from his involvement with a variety of both brick & mortar and technology businesses at various stages, as well as his passion to follow what’s trending around the globe. Mark leads the strategic collaboration between WD’s brand strategists, designers, architects and innovators in order to shape the delivery of connected and exciting customer experiences. While at WD, he has led the partnerships for some of the World’s most respected companies, including: Amazon, Target, 7-Eleven, CVS, Kroger and Samsung.

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