Grocery: The Evolution Has Just Begun

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No matter how meatless meat becomes, how many meal kits rise to fame, or how much traffic BOPIS brings, there is one thing that will always be certain in the grocery industry: customers have to eat. Yet we cannot deny that the way we acquire our groceries has been shifting dramatically.

Not only can we still get our groceries the old-fashioned way (by walking through the aisles and grabbing anything that sounds good), we can now receive them via home delivery, through BOPIS, and even at cashierless stores.

Grocery has a lot to think about, but that’s a good thing. As part of our research efforts, we’ve talked to more than 11,000 consumers in order to find out what they want when it comes to the evolution of grocery. And one thing is for sure: the people have spoken. Food (and convenience. And quality. And variety) is the way.

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Grocery: The Evolution Has Just Begun

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