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Making ops cool, one project at a time. Retail, foodservice, and hospitality operations involve detailed analysis, numbers, and a lot of behind-the-scenes work. If the front-of-house store design is the headliner, the back-of-house is lucky to get two lines on the back page. That’s true in most cases, however, it’s not the case if you’ve heard Joanne Heyob (full bio) talk ops. She makes it fun. She makes it understandable. And she knows her shit.

While throughputs, labor assessments and peak capacity are operations-focused terms, as a speaker, Joanne makes operations easy to understand and delivers insights attendees are excited to bring back to their offices. As SVP, Operations Strategy & Design at WD Partners, Joanne brings 20 years of experience rooted in retail and store operations. Joanne has extensive speaking experience, including RestaurantSpaces, Shoptalk and Google, to name a few.

During her career, Joanne was most recently at Express leading their store operations and has held key leadership roles at Frontgate, The Limited, and Victoria’s Secret, where she spent 14 years in management and store operations.

Contact Joanne to Present

If you'd like Joanne to present findings from a WD syndicated study, or engage with your executive management team, please contact her at joanne.heyob@wdpartners.com.


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