Is Every Store a Flagship?

How to Flex for Brand Impact

Once revered, a prototype symbolized a brand’s capacity to reinvent itself while maintaining a connection to its customers through thoughtful and consistent brand experiences. A successful prototype captured a brand's essence, telling a cohesive story within their fleet and offering all customers the same level of experience no matter where they lived.

Today, the reality of a differentiated yet cohesive approach is near non-existent as the rinse-and-repeat model has grown stale, resulting in undifferentiated experiences and, depending on real estate, costly endeavors. We know that one brand experience can hold more value than others, depending on location and business objectives. However, the holistic relationship regarding the scale from flagship to fleet is often overlooked during the design process.

In this piece, we break down how brands can strategically design and scale their in-store experience regardless of location or size.

Included in the full POV:

  • 6 questions to ask in order to align multi-disciplinary teams
  • 6 key objectives to help build a strategic vision for your brand
  • 6 level concept tiering strategy to scale your brand experience across any store footprint

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Is Every Store a Flagship? Point of View from WD Partners

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