Empowering Women in Sports

A New Era of Inclusivity

Empowering Women in Sports

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A New Era

In recent years, the sporting industry has witnessed a significant transformation, as retailers and manufacturers are now actively prioritizing the women’s sports market. They are keenly attuned to the various facets of her sport lifestyle, encompassing performance, community, and daily life. This shift marks a departure from the days when sports gear and equipment primarily catered to a male audience. With the surge in women’s participation in sports, their purchasing power and market influence have grown substantially. This paradigm shift is the result of several factors, including evolving societal norms, increased gender equality awareness, and a deeper understanding of the unique needs and preferences of women athletes.

Increased Participation

The participation of women in sports has experienced an unprecedented surge, transcending traditional gender boundaries. This surge has created new opportunities for retailers and manufacturers to engage with an expanding female consumer base actively seeking gear and apparel tailored to their specific requirements.

Empowerment & Advocacy

The burgeoning women’s empowerment and advocacy movements have fostered a demand for genuine representation and inclusivity in all industries, including sports. Women now expect brands to embrace diversity, honor all body types, respect their choices, and celebrate their achievements. This has prompted retailers to adopt a more inclusive approach in their marketing strategies.

Women’s Purchasing Power

Retailers and manufacturers have recognized the substantial purchasing power of women athletes. Studies consistently show that women account for a significant portion of sporting-related purchases, spanning clothing, footwear, equipment, and accessories. This newfound realization has driven companies to realign their efforts to better cater to this vital consumer demographic.

Dive into our full length POV to uncover who these women athletes are, the champion brands that stand out for their commitment to empowering them, the bad practices that its time for retailers to bench, and our insights on how to elevate the field.

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