Is Every Store a Flagship?

Unlock the Power of Flagship Thinking and How to Scale It

Is Every Store a Flagship?

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In today’s competitive retail landscape, every brand aims to create flagship experiences that resonate with customers. But what exactly makes a store a flagship? And how can brands replicate a flagship experience across diverse footprints, geographies, and investment levels?

According to Jay Highland, EVP of Creative at WD, flagships are the best example of a brand coming to life in a physical space. They’re about knowledge sharing, the discovery of new ideas, and sparking joy and inspiration.

In his RetailSpaces presentation, Jay shares strategies for how brands can adopt a strategic “flagship thinking” approach and scale flagship experiences across an entire fleet of stores. Watch the full presentation for powerful examples of flagship thinking and actionable insights to apply to your brand.

If you’d like Jay to present data and insights from our consumer studies or to engage with your executive management team, please contact him at

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