Protecting What Matters Most

An Integrated Fire Protection Team that Serves our Clients

Protecting What Matters Most

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Comprehensive Fire Protection Services

Throughout WD’s history, we’ve sought to provide business-right and innovative solutions to our clients. To stay ahead of the game and meet clients’ evolving needs, we’re constantly expanding our service offerings, hiring top experts to do everything from visual merchandising, to foodservice equipment specs, to BIM consulting and architectural, structural, civil, and MEP design. It’s our breadth of integrated services and collaborative process that makes us stand out.

In our continuous quest to offer comprehensive solutions, we recognize the need for buildings to not only look great and function well, but to also be safe. Our recently formed fire protection team helps us to satisfy that need. By welcoming a seasoned team of fire protection engineers into our fold, we aim to deliver an essential layer of safety and sophistication into our building designs. The services that this team offers cover a comprehensive range, addressing the diverse needs of our clients. From sprinkler and alarm systems design to code consultation, existing system assessment, and construction administration, they are equipped to handle it all. These services not only position us for growth but also reinforce our commitment to meeting the safety standards required in various projects.

While cutting-edge design and unparalleled customer experience are essential, they rest on the foundation of systems and strategies that safeguard people, property, and the environment. With a keen understanding of the dynamics of fire and methods to mitigate its impact, our in-house fire protection engineering team stands ready to uphold our commitment to safety by offering extensive knowledge and robust expertise in fire protection design and management.

A Milestone in Organizational Growth

Providing our clients a dedicated Fire Protection team that is integrated into our broader service offering (strategy, design, operations, and AEC) is unique in our industry and represents a significant milestone in our organizational growth.

The formation of this team is a testament to WD Partners' continuous pursuit of innovative ways to meet our clients' ever evolving needs in a truly integrated and collaborative manner

Expanding WD’s already impressive menu of service offerings to now include fire protection represents a significant milestone in our organizational growth. Fire protection is an integral part of building design, one that can profoundly influence and be influenced by the form and function of the space. By interweaving fire protection professionals into our internal design teams of architects, designers, and engineers, we believe we have strengthened our position to offer integrated building solutions and differentiated ourselves within the AEC industry. We are taking a holistic approach to project execution in which we streamline process, increase collaboration, ensure quality, drive consistency, and improve efficiency from conception to completion.

The Fire Protection Engineering Team

Leading the team is our Senior Manager of Fire Protection, who brings an impressive 27 years of experience in the industry. Accompanying the Senior Manager are seasoned professionals, collectively contributing an additional 50 years of combined fire protection experience. Together, they form a formidable team with extensive knowledge and leadership in fire protection design and management.

This team knows that fire protection engineering is not just about meeting legal requirements; it’s about going a step further to safeguard lives and investments. It’s about giving clients peace of mind, knowing that their projects are resilient and prepared for emergencies.

Curious to learn more about our integrated services? Explore the diverse offerings that make WD Partners a one-stop solution for your needs!

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