Retail Revolution: The Explosive Evolution After Lockdown

Navigating the Fragmented Universe of Shopping Choices in the Post-Pandemic Era at Retail Spaces 2021

Retail Revolution: The Explosive Evolution After Lockdown

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Retail Supernova - A New Star is Born

The pandemic accelerated everything already in acceleration. Then we came out of lockdown, and it was like the brakes failed—change came faster than ever—the idea of a self-contained, physical store no longer held. The flurry of options available to consumers has since, like a Supernova, exploded into a thousand pieces. You can shop anywhere, anytime, and in any way you choose, and then some. Pick-up-at-a-dark-store, touchless checkout, one-hour delivery, mini local shops, pop-ups, brand trucks… everything blew up… again.

We asked thousands of consumers across the universe to divulge their new shopping preferences. Attendees at RetailSpaces in September got an in-depth preview of WD’s upcoming white paper: Retail Supernova — A New Star Is Born.

Watch Lee Present Retail Supernova at RetailSpaces 2021

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