WD Partners, Joanne Heyob: A Game of Operations

Grocery stores have been hard at work figuring out ways to get customers in and out, replenish shelves and keep associates safe. They’ve been able to muscle through it so far, but there are many operational considerations and logistics to finetune including labor, technology and equipment. The demand of curbside pick-up, delivery to home, and contactless payment is changing the industry not only today but in the future in ways that are yet to be seen. Retailers have changed their operations more in the last 6 weeks than they have in the last 10 years and things are just getting started. In this episode, Joanne Heyob, SVP Operations Strategy & Design, joins Lee Peterson to discuss how brands have to experiment with different ways of shopping (pick-up, delivery, showroom) to meet the needs of their customers and what operations considerations come into play along the way.

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WD Partners, Joanne Heyob: A Game of Operations

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