Retail Futurist & Former Nike Exec, Toby Barnes: Brit-and-Mortar Retail

Helped launch some of the most innovative Nike concepts and has a British accent? Yes please! Meet Toby Barnes, Retail Futurist and former Nike Exec, in episode one of a two-part series as he discusses the future of retail and stores with Lee Peterson. Toby and Lee dive into the differences between the function of retail versus the function of a store and how retailers must rethink about what they deliver to the customer.

:33 – Meet Toby
3:44 – The power of community
8:00 – The difference between retail and the store
11:04 – The role of the in-store athlete (Nike)
17:00 – The future of the physical store is no store
19:15 – How WFH impacts retail

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WDCast Episode 39

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