SVP at Walmart Health, Marcus Osborne: Live Better

Almost two years ago Walmart opened its first Walmart Health in Dallas, Georgia. Twenty-four locations later, the retail giant continues to embody the latter half of their company tagline: Save money. Live better. In this week’s episode we bring back Dan Stanek, EVP and Health + Wellness lead at WD Partners, to talk with Marcus Osborne, Senior Vice President of Walmart Health, about the growth of Walmart Health and their approach to delivering healthcare services to markets in need. Hint: they start with the consumer and built their services, pricing and accessibility around the individual.

0:55 – Getting to know Marcus
6:32 – What makes the Walmart model unique
11:35 – Offering a mix of services
17:24 – Assessing markets based on net health needs
24:16 – Healthcare is a tough business
28:37 – An omnichannel approach to healthcare
33:31 – Where will Walmart Health be in 5-10 years

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SVP at Walmart Health, Marcus Osborne: Live Better

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