Meredith Sandland, Restaurant Industry Executive Leader: The Restaurant of the Future is Not (only) a Restaurant

It all started with a good business model, some incredible people, and a cheesy gordita crunch. Meredith Sandland began her unexpected entrance into the restaurant industry as an executive at Taco Bell, then transitioned to work for the ghost kitchen role model: Kitchen United. Her extensive experience in the industry has led Meredith to publish a book, Delivering the Digital Restaurant, where she explores the digitization of the industry and the massive disruption facing American restaurants. (check it out here: https://amzn.to/3iCyfM6) Tune in to hear Meredith and Lee elaborate on ghost kitchens, sociology of consumers, and the future of restaurants.

2:38 Introducing Meredith
3:51 A transition to Taco Bell
10:58 How COVID shifted the restaurant industry
14:11 Kitchen United ghost kitchen
21:25 Dominos as the original ghost kitchen
24:00 Meredith’s book release
27:50 Sociology and food
32:13 Reigniting Taco Bell’s growth
34:35 Who’s killin’ it?
41:32 Public speaking tips from Meredith

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