Jodi Krangle, Voice Actor: Helping Brands Find Their Voice

This week’s podcast sounds a little different (literally!) as we invited on voiceover talent, Jodi Krangle, to discuss her journey into finding her voice and using it to help build an identity for the brands she works with. For some brands, their vocal identity is equally important to their visual identity (think commercials). Jodi’s role is more about acting than it is about the sound of her voice itself because her voice is dependent on the messaging that the client needs communicated to its audience. Listen in to hear how she stepped foot into such an interesting career along with some fun stories from her time in the studio. Interested in hearing samples of her work? Visit www.voiceoversandvocals.com

1:40 – Meet the Voice Behind the Talent
7:09 – A Background in Music
8:40 – Sound as Branding
10:14 – To Pitch or Not to Pitch
13:53 – Stories on the Job
21:10 – Big Stars & Influencers
27:10 – Did I Hear You On…?
28:47 – Jodi’s Album
31:07 – 5 Year Plan
34:03 – Lee’s Lightning Round
35:57 – How to Connect With Jodi

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