Brian Bucher, Kari Engen & Mike Magee: WD Partners Sustainability Experts

Driving Real Change Through Sustainable Design

With sustainability so top of mind these days, we wanted to turn to some real experts on the topic. We’re not talking about ‘plastic pants made from water bottles’ kind of sustainability, but real meaningful change that corporations (and their design/AEC firm partners😉) are making to drive down energy use, drive up customer and associate satisfaction, and ultimately make our world a better place to live in. Join Lee Peterson as he chats with three of WD’s very own, boots on the ground, innovators that scale, sustainability evangelists – Brian Bucher (Sr. Director), Kari Engen (Sr. Manager, Mechanical Engineering), Mike Magee (Sr. Director, Architecture & Engineering). The team shares why sustainability is so important in what they do and some of their favorite projects and brands that are making a real difference on the topic.

2:33 – Kari’s Passion for Sustainability
4:22 – Mike’s Passion for Sustainability
5:54 – Brian’s Passion for Sustainability
7:05 – Defining Sustainable Design (Brian)
10:43 – Squeezing Juice Out of the Energy Efficient Orange (Kari)
13:51 – Save Money, Live Better (Mike)
16:37 – Who is Nailing Sustainability (all)
22:03 – Fun Facts About Our Panel (all)

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