Are You Ready For the EV Explosion?

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At first it was mountain range sightings in areas of the world that had never seen them before. Then it was the visibility of the snow on the San Gabriels in LA. Then CO2 emissions dropped by 26% in the month of April. In June 2020, someone said “it’s the cars, stupid!” — and they were right, and we all knew it to be true. Then our neighbors bought a Tesla as Tesla started opening battery factories and their stock took off, then everyone started talking about electric vehicles. It’s all moved so quickly. What does it mean? And what does it remind you of?

There’s No Time Like Now

It means that Electric Vehicles (EVs) are gonna happen, followed by speedy disruption, which will leave many in the rear view mirror.

Matter of fact, they’re already happening, and so’s the disruption. Investors are lining up for companies seeking funding for charging stations. GM said all new models will be electric in just 14 years. Green initiatives and tax breaks are shooting out of Washington like cosmic lasers and Exxon’s stock dropped in half last year. All this – for starters!

The time to act is now.

We discovered that pre-owned vehicles sell better when dealerships take the time and initiative to create a unique atmosphere and special selling space just for them. We also believe the same is true for EV’s (see also: Tesla stores). We do not believe that just mixing them in with existing inventory will do. The model is different. The service is different. And different deserves a different experience. Our pre-owned auto packaging experience with Sonic Automotive’s brand EchoPark, tells that story: from zero to one billion dollars in just 5 years.

By investing in the branding of the EV offering, you’re saying these things loud & clear:

We understand the customer… you

We 'get' where the future of the automobile is headed

We have a special product that deserves special packaging

Time is of the essence, because just like retail, the industry is about to be disrupted in a big way, with the winners and the losers becoming apparent quickly. So let’s get started and win this one, the customer is already ahead of you.

Ready to work with a partner that can help you from start to finish? Contact Mark Bateman at Mark.Bateman@wdpartners.com.

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