With WD and CVS, There’s More in Store Than Ever Before

To live up to its pledge to improve health services and outcomes while decreasing costs, CVS asked WD to translate its latest high-level customer insights into real, transformative in-store changes that would differentiate CVS along the patient journey—making care simpler, more accessible, and more personalized.


WD has helped CVS with this goal in some innovative and exciting ways:

We modernized the store with new materials, finishes, and energy efficient lighting, refocusing the brand on its core mission: health expertise.

We evolved the pharmacy to elevate the consumer experience through customized stations, a designated consultation area, and a groundbreaking new pick-up and drop-off process.

We updated the Minute Clinic concept; strengthened departments such as the vitamin center; and reimagined the drugstore beauty experience.

Below is a closer look at a few ways WD and CVS collaborated…


BeautyIRL: Bold Breakout for Beauty

The traditional notions of mass beauty retailing are disappearing. As Millennials and Gen Z become today’s core beauty customers, they bring with them a whole different set of shopping patterns, needs, and interests.

Competitors like Ulta, Sephora, and Amazon have fine-tuned their efforts toward these younger customers, and CVS wasn’t content to be left out.


WD’s solution: BeautyIRL, the evolution of the drugstore beauty experience. Gone are the lackluster rows of pegged items and cold glass cases void of testers or service. In their place is a 50% larger area, set off with mirrors and plush chairs, featuring socially relevant indie brand boutiques and exclusive on-site express services from Glamsquad—all to provide some upscale, guilt-free, and stress-free “me time.”

Working in an agile and parallel approach, we guided the entire CVS team through the journey from start to fabulous, giving them a clearer understanding of their customer, and a clearer vision of what the future of drugstore beauty can be.


On the Horizon: Expanded Customer Healthcare Services

Through the expansion of its MinuteClinic services, CVS will be able to provide: